28 Mar 2012 17:38:00

BEST Website Launch Marks a New Partnership of MEDIA FACTORY and Our Special Client

BEST is our local concrete tiles market leader. The quintessentially Czech company beats its competition with an innovative, customer-oriented and ethical attitude towards entrepreneurship. MEDIA FACTORY has launched the company’s new website recently and there are more joint projects going to happen.

BEST Website Launch Marks a New Partnership of MEDIA FACTORY and Our Special Client

You've Met Bestovka in the Streets. You Can Find It Online Now.

You can read the BEST brand in three ways: first as a synonym to local concrete paving, second as a synonym to local business success, third as a synonym to quality in any country. All three ways are right and accurate. If you want a proof visit and read a fascinating story of the company and learn more about their products. MEDIA FACTORY has designed, programmed and coded the website in collaboration with the client. The web runs on MEDIA FACTORY's CMS Baseon. The Žižkov agency is getting ready for other online projects now. These will include PPC campaigns and continuous search engine optimization (SEO). Everyone searching for help with building new gardens, terraces, houses or fences should find the best answer with such a boost on the internet: BEST.

Online Communication By MEDIA FACTORY to Support Sales

MEDIA FACTORY has followed current web design trends in order to create the new BEST website. Users should find what they search for easily. The agency has used their know-how in the field of usability testing and conducted a series of simulations with a representative sample of users. The new BEST online presentation architecture is based on empirical foundations. Graphic design of the website respects BEST corporate identity and MEDIA FACTORY designers followed rules of simplicity and usefulness. This again accommodates to users' needs of relevant information.

On the other hand, the web site structure and visual aspect help BEST to sell products more efficiently. Visitors quickly identify their desired products with a well arranged online catalogue and learn about unique sample areas called ARCH CENTERS and BEST Studios providing professional consultations. They contribute to easier communication with customers and their better comfort, lesser costs for the company and a better balance.

SEO, PPC and Other Tools of Online Alchemy

In order to work well, the new BEST website needs only one more thing. Visitors. Not that its previous traffic was not decent but modern online marketing tools can surely improve it. MEDIA FACTORY will join forces with BEST and focus on the website's visibility on the internet and rising its traffic. This will be achieved using SEO, PPC ads and a long-term optimization of the website content. An online calculator and product configurator are being prepared nowadays.