5 Apr 2012 12:15:00

A New Motol University Hospital Website

Motol University Hospital has a new website created by MEDIA FACTORY. Visitors can see its new appearance and better controls. The main goal was to dulcify, simplify and quicken orientation of users in the university hospital complex system.

A New Motol University Hospital Website

"We have conducted a series of user testing sessions to make sure the homepage would be user friendly and meaningful. I believe we've succeeded. The website is well arranged now and offers tools for seniors like type size increase," said Alena Huminskaya from MEDIA FACTORY who supervised the new website development.

A fundamental change affected Motol in, an on-line magazine of the hospital. It used to be downloadable as a PDF file. People may read it comfortably on-line using a brand new reader now.

Internet users will find a new area guide there, too. "The hospital map will be further enhanced. It will be interactive soon. You will get to a building info with one click in no time," concluded Huminskaya.

The whole presentation is implemented on Baseon, an award-winning platform by MEDIA FACTORY. It has made administration easy and accelerated work with the website content.