20 Apr 2012 12:00:00

A Successful CzechTourism On-Line Campaign By MEDIA FACTORY

A six-month-long internet campaign ended in March. CzechTourism, a state contributory organization, beckoned foreign tourists to visit the Czech Republic. The creative and content part of the campaign was implemented by MEDIA FACTORY digital agency.

A Successful CzechTourism On-Line Campaign By MEDIA FACTORY

The campaign started on the last year's October 1 and it had a literally global impact. Its primary target were residents of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, India and China but people from more 162 countries took part in it. The target audience was middle-aged men and women and the campaign brought information not only about the Czech Republic and its capital but it also wanted to convince internet users that visiting a small country in central Europe is worth it.

Two campaign websites were created: one was called GetPragued and the other GetCzeched while GetPragued/GetCzeched slogans became mottos for the whole campaign. Four sections of both microsites were continually filled with articles on four topics which presented Prague and the Czech Republic. The campaign was further supported with display banners, PPC ads, a Facebook page and FacebookAds. Registered users received monthly newsletters and could participate in a competition to win a stay in Prague. GetPragued and GetCzeched logos were communicated at Prague Airport and were planned to be used in foreign print media.

Winners of the CzechTourism competition

Several facts show the campaign was successful. Both microsites were visited by hundreds of thousands users and many of them subscribed to the newsletter and participated in the competition with Eda the Prague Ratter. The GetPragued website captured interest of Prague municipal government which took it over upon agreement with CzechTourism and will keep on using it. The page will publish interesting articles and it will serve as a landing page for banner ads.