21 May 2012 15:16:00

Komerční Banka Pension Fund Calculator Discloses Your Future Pension Amount

Komerční Banka Pension Fund and MEDIA FACTORY have prepared and launched an on-line calculator which tells you amount of your pension from the state system and other two pillars. Clients can plan their savings for retirement age and the calculator helps them decide which tools they will use.

Komerční Banka Pension Fund Calculator Discloses Your Future Pension Amount

The Pension Reform without Secrets

Some might find the situation regarding pensions and their reforms confusing. Many people do not know which amendments have come into force and what to do. Therefore KB Pension Fund comes up with a complex pension calculator. This web application is easy-to-use: all you have to do is to fill in basic data. Your retirement incomes are then calculated. The calculator also states whether there is any advantage for you with the second pillar of the pension system. And then it shows you how much money you will save in the third pillar, which is a system that will contain present pension insurance payments.

Calculator: Basic Info within a Minute

The calculator is easy to use, which is its indisputable advantage. Users may find much information about the pension reform on PF KB website which was also developed in cooperation with MEDIA FACTORY. If you know more about this issue you can switch the calculator to more detailed one. There is also possibility to download, e-mail or print a PDF sheet with calculated data. People may contact a specialist who gives them advice regarding the forthcoming pension reform.