20 Jun 2012 15:16:00

Pension Reform Clearly and Comprehensibly

Even though the pension reform has been talked much about it may represent a source of worries and uncertainties for some. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs wants to avoid these ambiguities and cooperates with MEDIA FACTORY.

Pension Reform Clearly and Comprehensibly

We have already written about the new social reform communication we had prepared for the Ministry towards the end of the last year. With the pension reform, the situation has been similar.

The first task was to prepare layout of a pension reform website which would be a source of information primarily for civil servants and subsequently for the Czech citizens. Its main purpose is to communicate key changes in pension system. Then we have designed and prepared leaflets and posters. They were distributed to job centres and Czech Social Security Administration. And finally, we have produced two videos on main aspects of the reform - they can be seen on our YouTube channel. A TV spot was an icing on the cake.