22 Dec 2011 09:30:00

New Kinder Pinguí Website: Of Penguins and Men

It has been quite a long time since the happy Pinguík the Penguin family settled on the internet. MEDIA FACTORY has taken care of their digital habitation for several years and now we have come with a brand new design of the page.

New Kinder Pinguí Website: Of Penguins and Men

Those who remember the previous Kinder Pinguí web presentation must admit it was a huge piece of coding. The website was interactive and offered plenty of games, quizzes and other entertaining elements which comprised an imaginary penguin world. Time ticks away uncompromisingly and so Ferrero, the producer of this favourite children's dainty, has decided to update Pinguík's internet kingdom. The new Kinder Pinguí website is more airy and well-arranged and combines all assets of both a product presentation and a children's page.

From Pinguík's World to the World of Humans

Changes are reflected in theme, graphic design and general conception of the website. It is now based on everyday reality; Pinguík's magical world is in the second plan. Users meet human family (or a mother with children) on the homepage. The family is set into a common house interior with links to product and corporate information and to entertaining content. Both types of content are nevertheless quite clearly set apart. Information on the product and Ferrero are sought primarily by adults, therefore the links are centered around the mother on the left-hand (living-room-like) part of the homepage. The right-hand part resembles a child room where children can find links to games and more funny stuff associated with Pinguík the Penguin and his adventures. A clock is also one of the interesting functionalities of the web site as it displays actual time. The background image of the page changes according to current period of the day. This makes small and older users feel like being dragged into a virtual space where human world mingles with penguin stories. The overall impression is accentuated with subtle animations (e.g. the "camera" movement on the homepage or text boxes animations).


Kinder Pinguí has been the first out of several Ferrero websites currently launched by MEDIA FACTORY. Next will be Kinder Milk Slice (Mléčný řez) internet presentation with an on-line competition, then the new pagees of Kinder Bueno will arrive promising extraordinary game experience with Venetian motives. Hence we have something to look forward to.