23 Dec 2011 09:45:00

Sweet! Milk Slice Pages You Will Meet!

A favourite treat by Ferrero receives a nice Christmas gift: a new website created by MEDIA FACTORY.

Sweet! Milk Slice Pages You Will Meet!

Kinder Milk Slice for the Young and Smart

Have you seen the new Kinder Milk Slice TV ad? Yes? Then you may know children are not the only target audience anymore. Of course, children will still swoop for it but as an energetic refreshment between meals it can be good for just anybody - even for the adults. The Kinder campaign aims at the youngest of them. Charge batteries quickly, take a short rest, find an inspiration in an excellent taste and be full of energy again. That is how Milk Slice works in a few words. And who else needs this in present-day hectic and rapacious times than young adults? Milk Slice is intended especially for them.

Website by MEDIA FACTORY Bets on Interaction

The new Milk Slice web presentation prepared by MEDIA FACTORY both further develops the main idea of the campaign (Milk Slice is the best choice between meals) and adjusts communication to broader targeting. Since it is a product page, one can find traditional product information there as well as info about other Kinder family and Ferrero products. To make the web more up-to-date and attractive for users who are used to applications provided on social networks, the implementation team has decidced to step beyond standard. MEDIA FACTORY has borrowed the TV ad refrigerator which lands on the website the way it does on TV. And this fridge is not an ordinary one, too - as suggested with its name: "The Magic Fridge".  Try typing names of meals and food (jokesters may try something else...), open the fridge and see if it contains what you have typed.

Milk Slice On-line Contest

Ferrero and MEDIA FACTORY prepared a competition for the website visitors. It is based on remarkable qualities of The Magic Fridge. People just have to guess what food will be entered most often. The winner gets a flash disc. And the one who types a food no one else has typed can win an excellent smartphone. Good luck!