9 Feb 2012 11:30:00

The BEST Website Is Being Created Here in MEDIA FACTORY

We welcome the New Year not only with lots of plans but also with new clients. We are proud to work with all of them. BEST is just one, though.

The BEST Website Is Being Created Here in MEDIA FACTORY

We all know them although we may just not realize it. We walk on them. We sit on them, even lie on them sometimes. We hide behind them. We stumble over them and fall to the ground some time; we use them to climb higher some other time. They are all around us. Concrete construction blocks. 100% Czech concrete pavement and other various products: fences, curbs, staircases, poles, construction systems. That's BEST.

Rara Avis or Czech Dream without Irony

The BEST brand was established in the early 1990s and has moved up from a little firm to our local market leader. This was due to investments into first-rate technologies, innovations, unprecedented emphasis on quality and prices and a unique approach to clients. Their ARCH CENTRES are extremely popular among customers. BEST Studios are consultancy departments. No wonder Tomáš Březina, the company owner, was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007.

Top-quality Paving Deserves a Top-quality Website

All these achievements and great reputation of BEST multiply our joy from the fact that we won the demanding tender for a new corporate website supplier. Not only design but overall architecture of their web will be changed. Users looking for a particular product or searching for information should find the new website friendly and well-arranged. Its new structure is based on thorough user testing. The web presentation graphic design will be in accordance with MEDIA FACTORY's high standards.

We are proud we can work for this client and we believe this co-operation will be an asset for both sides.