6 Mar 2012 14:53:00

Vodafone Launched a New Responsive Design Website as the First Operator in the Czech Republic. MEDIA FACTORY was its Midwife

Some things are worth it. Vodafone has just launched their new Czech website which was co-created by MEDIA FACTORY.

Vodafone Launched a New Responsive Design Website as the First Operator in the Czech Republic. MEDIA FACTORY was its Midwife

They are the biggest mobile operator in the world. Their employees would populate Havířov and still some of them would have to move to Orlová. Their customers would fill two Brazils or 835.000 Vaticans. No doubt launch of the new Vodafone corporate website is an important event. We are honored the new on-line presentation was created in MEDIA FACTORY.

From initial analysis to the launch, the work took almost six months. With a project like this, it is record time indeed and no wonder all MEDIA FACTORY departments have been in a hurry last few months. What is the difference between old and new Vodafone websites then?

As for technologies used, the new website is in accordance with latest trends. It is implemented on MEDIA FACTORY CMS and Baseon platform which won the IT Product of 2010 award. Hosting of the website is in hands of Vodafone with advanced infrastructure including a database cluster, dedicated cache servers and load distributors. The presentation uses a robust distributed architecture of Baseon or multilayer cache ensuring faster processing of websites directly from the server memory without access to the disk storage.

The site is built using HTML5 and CSS 3, which is a good starting point for further creative and technological development of the website and for mobile accessibility. For proper display on all types of mobile devices the site uses advanced possibilities of responsive layout - elements of the site are automatically rearranged when seen on smaller displays or completely disappear to make room for the most important information.

Web architecture was also changed: information structure is clearer now and users receive it one step at a time in logical steps. They have time to absorb everything and find exactly what they are looking for. Changes in graphic design of the web were unobtrusive. It reflects new Vodafone CI principles with emphasis on better usability, clarity and purity.

"The MEDIA FACTORY team was a very professional, competent and helpful partner. Their modern and user-friendly CMS is particularly worth mentioning," said Eva Štípková, Direct and Interactive Marketing Senior Manager of Vodafone.