6 Mar 2012 11:57:00

A Website for the Queen? Why Not

Probably only few Czech digital agencies have made a royal news-portal. So did MEDIA FACTORY. Athletics, the queen of sports, has a new website created by our agency.

A Website for the Queen? Why Not

Athletics Wants to Be On-Line, Too

Czech Athletic Federation has run a website with information from the world of the finest sports event since 1998. The federation changed the portal ten years later and a decision to carry out more radical changes was made last year. The mission was clear: the web presentation should reflect modern trends and respond to specific needs of its users identified with web analytics.

MEDIA FACTORY and Its Medal Events

And then it was time for MEDIA FACTORY to implement the innovations. This has been achieved and new website was officially launched on January 17, 2012. What has changed? The site's architecture was rearranged to make the web more user-friendly. Formerly most visited sections got more space in the new structure and users can reach them even faster and easier than ever before. Graphic design has also been completely changed and last but not least the web content management was optimized. The site is managed with our unique Baseon CMS which received IT Product of 2010 Award.

All these innovations make a modern and self-confident website perfectly accomplishing its mission. The portal informs about events in athletics especially in the Czech Republic and it associates people who share their passion: love for the queen of sports. MEDIA FACTORY is glad to have participated on such a likeable project.