12 Mar 2012 12:30:00

MEDIA FACTORY Has Created an Unusual But Lovely Website: Virtual Venice for Kinder Bueno

You may have noticed this, too. Venetian invasion has begun. Magic Venice in TV, gondolas for lovers in supermarkets. They all have the same denominator – Kinder Bueno. If you want to know what’s behind this “Venice-Mania” click and visit You will get information on the delicious chocolate bar and a competition and you can set on an on-line magic trip round Venice with a portion of adventure and a bigger portion of entertainment.

MEDIA FACTORY Has Created an Unusual But Lovely Website: Virtual Venice for Kinder Bueno

A Web-Adventure and a Web-Experience

The new Kinder Bueno website is not a typical online product presentation although it does not lack product information either. Everything that is usually a part of a product website can be found there. The difference is in the fact that the new website has something more. Venice. A game. An adventure. An experience.

Venice is a thread of the current Kinder Bueno campaign and it could not be excluded from its new website. A nice static visual would not represent possibilities of the second decade of the 21st century. More ambitious things can be made these days. Therefore we have decided to create an experience simulating real Venice and make an illusion of visiting the city of Grand Canal with its unrepeatable atmosphere.

Venice Made By Bueno

So if you feel like boating you can board a gondola on the homepage and take a trip round Venice canals and crooked alleys. There is typical Venetian scenery and a task waiting for you on each page. You have to solve the task in order to proceed further like in an adventure game. Collected information may come in handy towards the game ending in order to solve the last task. The game is not hard so everyone should finish it without any problem. The main purpose of the game is to soak up Venetian places with all senses. Sounds and music play an important role together with impressive visuals, effective animations and sophisticated transitions. Putting all this together, Venice emerges in its beauty in front of your eyes while you sit comfortably in your home.

Another Storytelling Website by MEDIA FACTORY Creative Workshop

This was not the first time when MEDIA FACTORY made a website based on a game and a story. Other such websites were e.g. previous Kinder Pinguí (the current one is also nice but significantly less flamboyant) or a fairy-tale world of Brumík the Bear. The new Kinder Bueno website differs with its target audience because the web is for adults. Therefore it puts emphasis on atmosphere, experience and a genuine Venetian romance. Such a website is a dream job for every digital agency and MEDIA FACTORY is glad it was given such an opportunity.