Klient: HSBC Bank

Branch: Banks and finances

Project: Multimedia microsite

Implementation: 2008



To create a microsite introducing HSBC Premier services


HSBC Bank, one of the world’s leading banking and financial institutions, has launched its new Internet presentation along with the launch of its HSBC Premier services. Part of the presentation that can be found here is a multimedia microsite presenting premium bank services. High standard services of the international banking house are reflected in the website’s creative processing, user comfort and complexity of the graphic interface which is unique on the Czech Internet.

The web presentation has a host – a virtual banker – offering clients information on products. This form of communication based on video combined with the Flash technology creates a personal relationship between a potential client and the bank. The user interface proactively adapts to a screen resolution and a window size in order to obtain maximum reality of the environment displayed. The overall pleasant experience is also furher enhanced by a possibility of using subtitles or relevant content synchronization.

Website for Poland was also created inn addition to the Czech-English version.

The presentation won 2nd place in the Microsite category of the WebTop100 competition in 2008.

Not only for the HSBC Premier services, but also for its web presentation the uniqueness, professionalism and precision is characteristic. In MEDIA FACTORY, we have discovered a partner, who was able to represent our ideas without compromise and whose creative approach contributed significantly to the final form of the presentation that is regarded with enthusiasm by our clients.

Will Kemble-Clarkson | Head of Regional Marketing | HSBC Bank