Bebe Brumík

Klient: Opavia - LU

Project: Product web page

Implementation: 2008

Note: A unique solution for an interactive children’s space on the Czech Internet



To design and create a multimedia microsite for the Brumík brand.


The Brumík brand represents a successful and progressive product line of Opavia-LU, a part of the multinational corporation Kraft Foods. The implemented project is suitably an equally progressive and modern concept of a product presentation. Brumík’s Internet world contains all important attributes connected with the brand and offers many baits for the visitors.
A homepage with an interactive Brumík’s world visual is the dominant of the multimedia microsite An entertaining virtual world of the animated Brumík Bear is built on Flash technology and its target users are primarily children.
Brumík who is controlled by the visitor moves around the world and the whole image of the world changes accordingly. Children can use the whole website and all of its functions in a completely intuitive and simple way. There is always more to explore as the camera view unravels more and more of the world. Each part of the world offers some kind of adventure from animated elements to on-line games that are often in relation to Brumík’s complex world. The interactive components of Brumík’s world combine entertainment and education. Thus, the whole project is an optimal solution for the demanding children-users.
The Slovak version of Brumík’s website is located on