Vodafone Twitter Chat

Klient: Vodafone

Project: Twitter communication application development

Implementation: 2010




to create an application for improving communication with current and potential clients of the mobile operator and other Twitter users


Together with Facebook and the company blog, Vodafone also uses Twitter, the microblogging platform, for open communication with customers.

The Twitter application designed and created by MEDIA FACTORY resembles an "on-line chat with a celebrity" but it is aimed at Twitter users only. A registered Twitter user can ask questions in a pre-defined form which are sent to the application's administrative interface.

These redirected questions can be answered in several easy steps with the application. Sent answers are shown on Twitter and on a Vodafone website. The application helps to utilize Twitter potential, facilitates its control and enables to distinguish various topics of a conversation. Answers can even exceed the standard Twitter limitation - 140 characters, which is almost a necessity for an interview.